UD’s Buzzfeed Launch

The UD Bucket List went viral this week.

The list, created by current students and alumni, includes 43 items students are encouraged to “check off” before graduating.  While the list was a great idea and had been a moderate success, it wasn’t until UD’s social media team harnessed the power of Buzzfeed that it really became a hit.

Buzzfeed, currently one of the most popular websites in the world, features frequently updated and easily shareable content in the form of lists, quizzes, news and entertainment articles and videos.

When the site introduced its Buzzfeed Community feature in 2013, UD’s social media managers in the Office of Communications and Marketing jumped at the opportunity to create an account for the University.

We realized that if we were going to be successful on Buzzfeed, we were going to have to make an impact with our first post. With Commencement on the way, the UD Bucket List afforded us the perfect opportunity to do so.

With the Buzzfeed-appropriate title, “43 Things Every Blue Hen Should Do Before Graduating”, the list went live and was promoted via links on UD’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on Tuesday, May 20.

Within 24 hours, it had earned nearly 20 thousand views according to Buzzfeed analytics. Also impressive—the announcement of UD’s first Buzzfeed list on Facebook has so far been seen by more than 40,000 people due to the engagement (likes, shares, comments) the post generated, which will significantly increase the University’s reach.

UD’s social media managers hope that this is the first of many successful UD Buzzfeed articles, and have several more interactive, entertaining and engaging posts planned for Commencement and beyond.

Check out the “43 Things Every Blue Hen Should do Before Graduating” on Buzzfeed here!  

By Ryan Maguire, Digital Content Specialist (@ryjmag