Behind the hashtag: Social Media Interns

Behind all the hashtags, Facebook photos and Tumblr posts, is a team of digital zealots dedicated to making the University’s social media innovative and dynamic. Several of us here on the social media team are student interns working to create informative, relatable, entertaining and funny content and projects. To give you a behind-the-scenes look into the world of a social media intern, we will be posting a series of blog entries this semester exploring what it’s like to be a social media intern and what we’ve learned from our professional experiences. But first, a brief snapshot of who we are and why we love social media:

Ashley Paulos (@BlueHenAshleyP)

Major: Marketing. Interactive Media and Advertising minors

Intern Position: Multimedia Manager

Aspired Career: Television or Music Industry 

Q: What is your favorite thing that you have seen on UD social media?

A: Me being crowned into the Homecoming Court in September of 2013! 


Alana Dolgin

Major: Organizational and Community Leadership with a concentration in music industry and music advertising. 

Intern position: Outreach Coordinator 

Aspired Career: Creative Marketing for Music Industry 

Q: What is currently your favorite hashtag on Twitter?

A: #knicksaremoreuslessthan. I am a huge New York Knicks fan and they have had a pretty rough season and it has definitely taken it’s toll on the fans. This was the hashtag trending after a recent game against the LA Lakers. 

Alexis Perez

Major: Mass Media Communication. Business Administration minor

Intern position: Special Projects Coordinator

Aspired Career: Public Relations Specialist

Q:Describe yourself in hashtags.

A: #italkinhashtags #allmyhashtagsarefullblownsentences 

Kristi Iannelli & Christopher Johnson

Majors: (Kristi) Political Science. Political Communication minor. (Chris) Professional Writing. Interactive Media and Advertising minors.

Intern Position: Content Managers

Aspired Careers: (Kristi) Social Media Manager for Political Campaigns. (Chris) Social Media/PR. 


Q: Give an example of one of your most popular tweets. 



Q: What is your favorite account to follow on social media?

A: @bonappetitmag on Instagram because I’m kind of obsessed with food photography and the photos (and food) they post are absolutely gorgeous. They also interact with their followers, which is really fun. 

Sarah Tompkins

Major: English & Mass Communication

Intern Position: Multimedia Manager

Aspired Career: Television or Music Industry 

Q: What’s the longest you’ve gone without logging onto ANY social media site in the last month?

A: 12 hours 

To see some of the content we work on producing, check out UD’s student run Blue Hen Says Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. 

By UD’s social media interns